glimpses of my old self.

>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i thas been a while since i have done a weight loss update, thought i should let you all know how that is going. so far i'm down 30 lbs. yay! i have reached my second goal, back to my hollis pre-pregnancy weight. {my first goal, in case you were wondering, was to get my wedding ring back on my finger...mission accomplished!} now i have 20 more to get to my final goal, weightwise, my ava pre-pregnancy weight {or pretty darn close to it!}. weight watchers really is working for me and i am SO happy. as the weight is coming off {slowly....but it's coming off} i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror or see my faint reflection in a window and in those glimpses i am starting to see my old self. it is amazing how much 50 pounds can physically change you and you don't even realize it. crazy! i feel so good and now i need to get back to exercising. i know this will help me reach my goals a bit faster and make me look and FEEL even better! i have been so inspired by my bestie jen. She has worked out almost 31 days straight {31 days before her 31st birthday}. i am so proud of her for being so dedicated and sticking with it! i can't wait to see her and hopefully have some of her good exercise vibes rub off on me...maybe she can get me started while i'm there...hint, hint... {jen, i know you're reading this! ha!}
so, that's all. sharing this photo is one that when i look at it i see a little bit of the old me. and it feels so good!


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