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>> Sunday, June 26, 2011

bo bought me an iphone for mother's day and i LOVE it!!! it has become my camera stand in on many a family outing and even around the house, when things happen and i don't have time to run and grab the camera. i am trying to work on the fuzziness of some of the photos...but here are just a few of my little cuties from the week we had!

my girl before going to sydney's 7th birthday party...she insisted on wearing the hat...

at grans house...playing in gran's shoes...girls got attitude...
a bed i FINALLY found. i have been searching for one for our room...then i find out bo hates them. good thing this one is a double, perfect for ava's room! {and some photos, of course!}

me and my boy. snuggles...always good.

hollis looking cool after an evening swimming at gran's house...yes, we hang out over there lots. and we love every second.

ava before ballet class. she looked so cute, i had to snap a photo.

my mom's friend jean took this photo of hollis. i loved it. had to include it. that's ava's hat...she refuses to wear it. he loves it. i think it is now his...watch, not she's going to want to wear it all the time...isn't that the way it always works?!




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