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>> Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i know. it's been a bit since i've updated the blog with photos of the kiddos and what we've been up to. mostly we were hit with a viscious bug a few weeks ago and it took a couple weeks to cycle through the family. hollis, then ava, then, of course, me. it was so bad my mom had to come get the kids for a few days. i just couldn't do anything. it was awful! but we are better now and ready to get back into the world! just a few random photos from the past month or so...i have lots from ava's birthday party and her four year old photos to share...coming soon, i guess!

we made some cute cards for father's day! we are so lucky to have so many wonderful dad's in the lives of our children. their daddy, uncles, grandpas, and great grandpas!

this was the night before ava got so sick. little sleeping beauty! we had spent the day swimming and out in the sunshine.
love this shot of bo and hollis. we got rid of that rocker yesterday. kind of painful. we rocked both babies in that rocker. i'm so sentimental it makes simple and logical things more difficult than they should be.

my little man. he LOVES to sleep! {& i am so thankful!}

father's day. bo had to work, but he got in a few stories before he took off!

ava and her horses! she loves them so!

now this just cracks me up! hollis will ride anything...ANYTHING. matchbox cars, stuffed animals, hats...if he can sit on it, he can ride it! and the life vest was a nice touch :)

my little fish. we are getting this girl out of water wings this year. she is doing so good. still not a strong swimmer, but we are getting there! going to my mom's later today to practice!

bo and i celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 11th. i was so.sick. he remembered and brought me these beautiful flowers. we are going out this week to celebrate! better late than never, right?

we spent a fun day out at the lake with the family. ava loves her maddy and sydney. it is so fun to see these cousins together! they have so much fun and i love that ava has such sweet girls to look up to.

so, that's all for now. i'll try to get some more updates up soon for my few loyal readers :) i adore ya'll and love that you enjoy keeping up with us! i'll try and spice things up for you soon!




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