>> Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wow! we have been so busy around here. keepingup with the kids, shooting, and trying to get the house all organized has proved to me a lot for this mama to handle! i wanted to share a few photos from some recent sessions. it seemed like i was shooting non stop in april/may and now that summer has set in, it seems i've slowed down a bit {which has finally given me a nice little break}.
this first family is the very first family that i shot that i did not know personally. they were my first referral. this is the third time i have photographed their family. i can't tell you how how much it makes my heart burst when i meet up with them. they are such a precious family, but around a year ago they were the first to take a chance on me. that is something i will never forget.

meet their sweet little niece...she is turning one! cutie!
corey brought out her sisters and niece and nephew for a few family shots. they wanted to give their dad a special photo for father's day. beautiful family!

this family was also a referral from an old high school friend of mine. another super sweet family i loved meeting and getting to spend a morning with :)

turning one

such gorgeous little girlies :) and very sweet sisters! i really love the four year age nice to have a helper with the little one!

this next family is just so precious. jami is a high school friend that contacted me about newborn photos early in her pregnancy. it was so fun to reconnect with her through photographing her maternity photos as well as her sweet baby boy. he is so gorgeous! it took a few days, but we finally completed the shoot and i got some images i am so proud of. it is no secret that my passion is newborn photograpy. i could have moved in with them for a few weeks and spent every day with this little guy. {of course, then i would have missed my own littles...but goodness, he is sweetness personified!} picture overload, coming up!

i loved getting a few shots of them just hanging out together.

jami has always been exremely beautiful. but i really think motherhood has brought out even more beauty in her. there is just something in her eyes when she is with her baby boy, like you can see how much she loves him and how much he has changed her world.

congratulations on your gorgeous new bundle of love!




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