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>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

life is good. we have been loving this spring weather, soaking in the sun every afternoon. i might even bust out the sprinkler sometime soon if this weather stays so pretty...i can already hear ava squealing!
so many things i have been loving lately....
this quilt for our bed {on the wishes list for now}, would look awesome in our bedroom.
this quilt for missy ava's's perfect! i saw it on a blog this week and after years of searching for the perfect quilt for ava's room, i knew this was the one! so it's ordered and on it's way! lucky girl!
these two for sure, always loving them!
we went to the zoo wednesday and while we were waiting for daddy to get ready, ava felt like climbing up in hollis' crib for a little brother/sister time! so cute! i think she remembers that it was hers at one point in her life and i think she is missing her monkeys and fishes!
hollis was loving it!
went walking the other night, both kids sacked out at the same time...had to take a picture, who knows when it will happen again?!

newsflash: ava "got" how to work the pedals on her tricycle! you should have seen the look on her was like, "did i just do that?!", awesome! gonna try and get it on video for ya'll! it's pretty incredible! {do i sound like a proud mama, or what?!}
hope your days have been sunny and full of love,
one more thing i'm of my favorite bloggers husbands {got that?} started his own music blog...i am in love with several of his songs, but can't stop listening to this one. they just seem like the most adorable couple, the kind of people you want in your life because they would make it even richer.
& this guy...wowza. totally inspired to attempt a video of my littles, where they are right now, in this moment...we shall see what i can come up with. he is amazing! you have to check out his video...i can pretty much guarantee you will fall in love with these children & this family..i mean, seriously, i wonder if they would consider adopting a married mother of two?! ha! they.are.beautiful.


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