parkin' it

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

we spent sunday morning at my mom's coloring easter eggs, hunting easter eggs and watching toy story! then headed out to my dad's for an easter lunch with friends and some relaxing at the lake! such an awesome day! we decided after lunch to take the kids to the park a few blocks from my dad's place {and leave daddy behind to catch some zzzzzz's! workin nights can be rough!} needless to say, ava had an absolute blast, so many new and cool park toys to play on, and best of all poppy and mimi's full attention! she was in heaven! mimi got some great shots of our afternoon at the park with her new little camera! so glad she had it along!

hollis slept most of the time we were there, but did wake up for some smiles and chit chat with mimi!
diggin' in the dirt...her FAVORITE!
a tire swing...what is this all about?!
i think i just might like it!

and back to the reguular swing.


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