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>> Tuesday, May 4, 2010

so i totally ripped off this awesome collage from jen's blog! {hope that's okay}...i would normally just link ya'll over to her blog to see the collage of our stockyards day....but i love our little family picture too much & had to have it on my blog, too! {seriously, both kids smiling, the husband looking mighty handsome in his denim work get-up, & a picture of myself i don't think it too eww..that's a good day for us!} you can still see what she thought about her stockyards experience over here though!

{click to enlarge}

we had so much fun spending the afternoon walking around the stockyards with jen and jon when they were down for a visit. {besides a little mama frustration with a certain two year old that was determined to do everything during lunch BUT eat...looking back, me thinks she was wanting some extra attention and being naghty was how she decided to go about getting it} ate at riscky's, swung through billy bobs, and enjoyed a "cattle drive"! ava had a blast riding EVERY automated pony ride available...some of them twice. then we headed down to granbury for some rest and relaxation!
i miss you.


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