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>> Thursday, May 27, 2010

that she is! today was ava's first official swim lesson! i tried to teach her last summer, but all i could get her to do was float, so this summer i knew i had to get her into a class, that she needed someone else, not me, to teach her this essential skill {living where everywhere we seem to visit has a pool, lake, or pond, this was a priority!} so, off we went.....
missy ava looking oh-so-stylish in her liberty for londong swimsuit and upside down sunglasses...she can pull anything off!

the beginning of the lesson...ava with her darling class and her teacher miss julie.
{she is the youngest....but the biggest! she is so tall!}
i love how excited she is here....and she stayed that excited and had so much fun throughout the lesson!
blowing bubbles in her green flippers...

the wild thing coming out...the lessons were about 10 minutes too long {they are only 30 minutes}. she really started having a hard time focusing and paying attention that last ten minutes...the "wait your turn" is so hard for her...but so good for her.
we are going to have to work this week on follwing directions {especially in the pool!}
she has so much fun and did so well. this was really her first ever "lesson" of any sort. i loved watching her interact with the kids and the teacher... i know this is so good for her in so many other ways than learning to swim.
i am so proud of her, she really did well!


jdavissquared May 29, 2010 at 8:34 AM  

so much fun! she'll be such a good little swimmer. thanks for your sweet comments. love you bunches!
i'm writing this from my dad's phone and itvis weird. i think if i had internet on my phone i would never get anything done! love you! ;)

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