>> Monday, May 24, 2010

went by quickly.
got up. got the kids ready. took them to nonna's for their every-other-monday visit! {my "day off" i like to call it}. came back home. spent the afternoon with a friend, her friend and a newborn baby {well, three weeks old...but still very new!} trying to get the little one to sleep so we could get some newborn shots. ate lunch with friends. picked up a little around the house. picked up kids from nonna's...ava was crying uncontrollably when i got there, hollis was sitting on the floor playing sweetly {so low maintenance}. she was ready to come home. nonna said they had a fun day, but she had fallen a few moments before i got there and that is what led to this outpouring of emotion. i knew she was tired, ready to get home, back to her own space. got home. ava fell asleep on the couch {WHat?! my child never does this}. fed hollis. uploaded pictures praying i got something good....the baby wasn't cooperating...never went to sleep...trying agian another day. ava woke up steaming she has a fever. i had a feeling that was coming. snuggled with ava. made spaghetti for dinner. ate. snuggled some more. played princess paper dolls and tried to entice hollis to crawl with the remote control...he is almost.there! got ava ready for bed. read her the princess mermaid story. tucked her in. bo was still home so i went to the grocery store because, well, the cupboards seemed bare and we were missing our favorites. got home. put away groceries. bo got hollis to sleep while i was out. edited a few photos from a few & it was good practice...trying agin thursday...fingers crossed that baby is sleepy!!! and now i sit eating popsicles and about to get ready for bed......
that was my day today....

then i read made me emotional....and made me rejoiced for my two. i am thankful for this life i live and for the people i am lucky enough to share it with.


jdavissquared May 25, 2010 at 7:28 AM  

what a day! i'm exhausted just reading about it! ;)

hope ava is feeling better.

and yes, you are so blessed with a beautiful, wonderful family! Love you guys!


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