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>> Friday, August 5, 2011

so let's go swimm-m-ing... sydney spent part of the day with us and we decided to head to grans house to spend some time in the pool. we have been hibernating in what feels like a cave for about a week now. it's just too hot to do anything outside. miserable. but the kids are going stir crazy and i seem to have lost all patience {whatever i had}, so off to the pool to get rid of some of that crazy energy!
we had so much fun and sydney is such a sweetie. we love her and were so happy to have her spend some alone time with us! Maddy came and spent a day before i went out of town, so syd had to have her own day, too. ava is trying to talk auntie christina into a spend the time sometime before school starts...she is a very persistent little thing! that's for sure!
ava has come so far this summer in her swimming. she does so well and as long as she has on her goggles is like a little fish. if the goggles come off, we're in trouble. she doesn't like that water in her eyes...can't say i blame her!
here she is in all her mermaid glory!


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