my beautiful birthday boy...

>> Monday, August 15, 2011

it's official. the boy is two.
man, it's just not right for them to only be little for such a short time. i want to watch him, listen to him, soak him all in right now, it feels like tomorrow he'll be 18, leaving the nest....i know i have a while, but really, it all passes too quickly. okay, enough mama blubbering, onto the boy's birthday!
donna kept ava overnight saturday, so i had hollis all to myself saturday night and on his birthday sunday. we missed her terribly, but it was super sweet to give him all the attention, have him one on one, and get to spoil him a bit. it was his birthday, after all! we headed out in the morning to buy cake mix for his birthday cake. yes, i am that mom. the one that doesn't make his birthday cake until the day of the party. anyway, he had fun carrying the cake and sprinkles around the store telling everyone he had "cake". such a proud little guy. here he is in the car...reading the instructions on the back of the cake box, i'm sure...

we got home, made the cake, then he went down for a nap. i just love how he is always super happy after a nice nap. loved these sweet pictures of him peeking up at me when he woke up. i'm sure we'll be switching him over to a toddler bed in the near future. these crib pictures make my heart swell a bit.

we spent the afternoon tidying up for the family to come over and watching Rio...for the hundred millionth time {good thing it's a cute movie}. here is hollis playing games waiting for all his favorite people. is it me, or does he look way too grown up here...still has those totally kissable cheeks, though...just like when he was new.

of course, he's wearing his twins hat, sent down to him by his autnie toon toon and uncle phil. he loves it and it's a battle getting it off for baths and betime.

a few of the deocorations...

i don't have any party pics, too busy doing the hostess thing...but i know some family does. i'll get some posted soon so you can see all the, lots of cake, presents, playing outside, and a pinata, of course!!! it was an amazing day. we are so blessed to have this boy.

I had to include a little video of hollis helping stir up his cake. he loves playing in ava's toy kitchen {way more than she ever has}, so getting to help for real, was so fun for him! he was stirring with so much purpose...way too cute!


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