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>> Friday, August 19, 2011

i took a few shots of the kids the other night for a post on the giveaway blog...i was so happy with the images i came away with of my boy. he only gave me a couple minutes, i don't think he was feeling very good, and it was almost bedtime. but hey, you get what you can, or at least that's what i've learned when it comes to shooting my own children...make it fun, come armed with surprises, and when they are done, let them be done. anyway, i can't believe how grown up he looks in these photos and how much of his personality shines through. he was having fun hamming it up a bit for me for sure!

love this one! that sneaky little grin...he must get that from his daddy ;)

my sweetness. he really wanted his horsie in the photos for a bit...who am i to tell him otherwise?! cutie pants!

this was actually the first time i've photographed my own kiddos in a while, especially hollis...he's not a huge fan of the camera these days...i have to say, even though it didn't last long, we had fun together!



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