>> Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my ava girl got her first big girl haircut my gorgeous friend brandi! love her & her darling salon! ava did so good! she sat so still, brandi was shocked. i told her it was because she had a mirror in front of ava...that girl LOVES to look at herself; make faces, anything. cracks me up!

with a towel on her head like mommy does after a shower! she felt SO big!
loved this little booster, totally old school! rocks!

snippety, went about 3 inches. her hair looks so much better now. so healthy and pretty!

one more thing marked off the list before pre school .seriously, this time next week i'll be packing a lunch for her in her darling hello kitty lunchbox...i don't know if i'm ready...

my sweet girl. trying to prepare myself for letting go a bit.




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