>> Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"if you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to serve as a horrible warning."

~catherine aird

i mean seriously...i know i am far, FAR from perfect...but come on!! i have got to do better...this is what i saw tonight {& most nights} as i was walking to the bedroom ready to go to sleep. Thuroughly annoyed at the shoes in the middle of the floor...and then i see mine in the mix. how can i be annoyed when i am part of the problem, not setting the good example.

yep, mom - guilty.

dad - guilty.

ava - guilty.

the only one not guilty in this messy bunch is hollis...well, he didn't have shoes on when we got home tonight, if he did, i'm sure his little darling flippies would be laid out with the rest. i'm a realist, people.

tomorrow's lesson: PUT YOUR SHOES AWAY...when you walk in the door!!!

attending: all 4

on a sweeter note, check out this totally adorable unicorn helmet, complete with yellow horn, rainbow hair, and magical sparkles, from raskullz that showed up today for missy ava. review/giveaway coming up on the giveaway blog later this month!! seriously adorable and totally going to keep that hard head in one piece when learning to ride on two wheels!
and once again, she thanks the mailman. good grief!!
it's been a long day, mama's ready for some sleep.


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